Ways To Contact Nic Dakin:

Scunthorpe Office: 01724 842000

Email: nic.dakin.mp@parliament.uk

Post: 18a, Ethel Court, Scunthorpe DN15 6RP

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Working hard for local people

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Thank you for visiting my  website.  I hope you like it!   Please give me your feedback.

It’s a real privilege to be the Scunthorpe County’s MP.  I really care about the towns and villages that make up our area and want to do all I can for local people.

Some people will be having a hard time at the moment and so I want to see good support for those who need it, more jobs and a  brighter future for all.

I truly believe that this is a great place to live with amazing people who deserve the very best.

Whilst my duties in Westminster can be time-consuming, I always seek to put my local constituents first. So, if there is anything I can do to support you as your local Member of Parliament, then please get in touch – my team and I are here to help.

What does an MP do?

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We must remember how World War One changed Britain forever
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Petition against Education Funding cuts for 18 year olds

Dates & times may be subject to change. Please phone the constituency office on 01724 842000 for appointments which will be at the Scunthorpe address unless otherwise stated.

Tell me your views What does an MP do? War stories

Zero hour contracts

Why you should wear your clothes inside out on 25th April.

Zero hour contracts

23rd April - 3.15-5.45 - Yaddlethorpe - Bottesford Pavilion

24th April - 9.00–10.00 - Scunthorpe office

2nd May - 9.00-11.00 - Scunthorpe office

16th May - 1.00-2.45 - Scunthorpe office

Cameron’s Tories are failing women
War stories            
Video memories of a constituent and veteran of the Second World War
Education Funding cuts

I’m urging organisations and community groups across the district to join the Dementia Action Alliance

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