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Happy New Year

Hopefully everyone will have had a good festive season and be looking forward to what 2018 will bring us.

I don't think we would have guessed right about the happenings in the year just gone so I'm not going to speculate about the year to come!

Thank you to everyone who looked out for others over the festive period. It makes a real difference. Our fantastic faith organisations do so much to make life better for others - whether it be supporting the work of the FoodBank, the Forge, The Lighthouse or in a myriad of other ways.

At its best I think Christmas is a time for family and friends. that's certainly how I spent time playing with my new 5 week old grandchild and her 2 year old brother whilst looking after my 89 and 91 year old parents.

Scunthorpe_United.pngMeanwhile it was good to see Scunthorpe United winning at home in an exciting victory over Southend as well as listening to their excellent win at Blackpool as I drove my parents home. This was then topped off with a very good away point at Blackburn and all 3 points at home to Bury.

So we enter 2018 with much to be optimistic about!!! It's time for setting stalls out with resolutions for the New Year. A turning of the page and determination to make an impact. So good luck to everyone with keeping your resolve!! That's what I hope to do too. Resolving to battle for local people to protect and celebrate the green open spaces that characterise our proud garden towns against an unthinking North Lincolnshire Council. And also stand up for our heritage whether it's in our villages, Kirton, Bottesford or Scunthorpe.

Too often we seem to be at the back of the queue for investment but at the front of the queue when it's time to trample on our heritage. Whether it's Scunthorpe Market, Central Park, Kirton's bus services, Bottesford's roads and pavementds or something else local people treasure that isn't valued by a Council that's deaf to local people's views I will stand up and be counted in championing what people care about.

Happy New Year!!



Happy New Year

Happy New Year Hopefully everyone will have had a good festive season and be looking forward to what 2018 will bring us. I don't think we would have guessed right...

My Diary Week Ending 17th December 2017

Christmas is a time of good cheer. And good cheering is exactly what we all did as we won a Commons vote to make the Government come back to MPs with their final Brexit deal before finally agreeing it. This is very important in making the Government listen to citizens and businesses who are clear that they want the new relationship with the EU27 to be a positive one in our mutual interest.

I asked the PM how we will control immigration in the future when migrants from the EU will be able to 'move freely' across the Northern Irish border into the UK. She had no answer, so I am none the wiser!

And I was able to raise again with the Education Secretary the continued under funding of 16-19, an issue I returned to in my keynote address as Chair of the All Party Skills and Employment Group to a conference of college leaders held by Policy Connect.

There were more Christmas card competition prizes to present at Westcliffe and Grange Primary. Delighted to learn that Westcliffe had the second best numeracy results in North Lincolnshire and good to see the huge Ofsted OUTSTANDING plaque outside Grange Primary. More evidence that our schools are doing a really good job locally was popping along to Oasis Academy: Parkwood  to present them with a national Silver Award for their fantastic work on reading. More reading was happening when I joined UNISON to visit the Disney Ward Scunthorpe General Hospital to sing songs and give out free books to the children as part of their Christmas cheer. All great stuff!

I also dropped into North Lindsey College to present the winners of their Black History competition with their awards. So much to celebrate locally. At the celebrations for Bangladesh Victory Day the youngsters did their community proud with brilliant performances of songs.

I was privileged to join family and friends to celebrate the life of former Scunthorpe Mayor the redoubtable Brenda Kirk who recently passed away. Brenda encapsulated all those great Labour values of family and service; she will be greatly missed. I last saw her dressed colourfully and immaculately in her care home full of kindness, energy and life.

Scunthorpe_Post_Office_(December_2017).jpgI was pleased to see the attractive refurbishment of Bridgewater Park Residential Home and chat to residents about how things are going. Our care homes are so important in giving people the support they need later in life.

I made my annual visit to Scunthorpe's Royal Mail Sorting Office (pictured left). Our posties do a great job in all weathers and this is their busiest time of year. They keep an eye on us as well as deliver the post and that is something that can't be measured easily.

Community pharmacists deliver direct to the home for people who need it and their deliverers also keep an eye on people. I learnt more about this when I visited the Unity Pharmacy (pictured right) attached to Cambridge AvenueUnity_Pharmacy_(December_2017).jpg Medical Practice to hear how Government cuts are making it harder for pharmacies to give us the service they want to and we want to have. It was worrying hearing about the shortages in medical supplies now being experienced but reassuring that we have such committed professionals making sure we continue to get the medicines we need.

I was pleased to meet up with ex John Leggott College student Richard Henderson who is now the Chief Executive of East Midland Ambulance Service (EMAS) the emergency ambulance service. He was able to update on what EMAS is doing to improve its performance. I continue to get complaints about the hospital transport service provided by Thames with most people saying it was much better when it was provided by EMAS!

Finally I went across to ABLE British Ports (ABP) in Hull to learn about how its business is developing. Having seen a significant decline in coal imports it has repositioned its business and as grown its container business by 27% in the last year which has to be good news.

My Diary Week Ending 17th December 2017

My Diary Week Ending 17th December 2017 Christmas is a time of good cheer. And good cheering is exactly what we all did as we won a Commons vote to...

My Diary Week Ending 10th October 2017.

It was fantastic to have the Chief Executive of the Careers and Enterprise Company in Frederick Gough School to see the outstanding work that is being done there on Careers Information, Advice and Guidance. It is a real beacon of good practice. It isn't rocket science to get Careers Education right but you do need a head teacher who is committed to it and you do need the school to create the capacity by having someone in a role that makes things happen. This is what I have been saying to the Careers and Enterprise Company so it was good to see them valuing what is going on.

It was also good to see ex-Fred Gough students who are now apprentices at British Steel enjoying a return to school.

With social mobility going backwards on this Government's watch we need more work like this going along across the country and it needs to be properly funded. I asked the Education Minister if the resignation of the Government's Social Mobility Board en masse meant that it was the Government that should be resigning due to their abject failure in this area. Abject failure was the name of the game in their negotiations with the EU on our future relationship. Thankfully, despite the antics of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) tail wagging the Conservative dog, at least got into the second phase of negotiations. But so far the Government has failed in every respect; now accepting a massive divorce bill and a likely 'regulatory alignment' across the UK with the EU.

Meanwhile we are spending billions of pounds on these absurd negotiation whilst the NHS is not going to see any of the £350 million a week promised by the Brexiteers. With other local MPs I had a long meeting with Scunthorpe General Hospital's new Chief Executive and it was crystal clear that if we had our share of that promised cash things would be looking much brighter. That said, although things remain very challenging, it does look as if there are some movements in the right direction. Which is more than can be said for Thames Ambulance Service who I continue to receive worrying reports of failure about.

There have been a lot of Christmassy things going on. I felt like Santa dropping off Christmas prizes at Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue, Priory Lane Community School, Bottesford Infant School and Bottesford Junior Schools wth flutters of snow outside it was all very festive.

Scunthorpe_Hospital_Radio_December_2017.jpgI joined Scunthorpe Hospital Radio (pictured left) who were rattling their tins in the town centre and recorded a Christmas message. They do such fantastic work.

The magnificent Festival Of Christmas Trees held at Old Brumby United Church was really worth seeing (see pictures right). A huge sum is raised for Lindsey Lodge Hospicech year by the Rotary Club of Scunthorpe. This year wasScunthorpe_Festival_of_Christmas_Trees_at_Old_Brumby_United_Church_(Dec_2017)_Part_2.jpgScunthorpe_Festival_of_Christmas_Trees_at_Old_Brumby_United_Church_(Dec_2017)_Part_1.jpg extra special with the World Premiere - no less - of a new carol commissioned by Scunthorpe Rotary 'Looking for a Stable'. The superb voices of Scunthorpe and District Choral Society did everyone proud with their rendition.

Finally today is the deadline for British Steel pensioners making their choice about their future pension option. Hopefully, in the end, most people will have got the information they required to make a decision they feel comfortable with. But it has been a very anxious time for many. The high-low pensioners have an extension to the 22 December to make their choice because of the changes the Government intends to make to the way the Pension Protection Fund deals with such cases. If there is anyone who has significant worries about any of this please get them to contact me so that I can do what I can to assist.

My Diary Week Ending 10th December 2017

My Diary Week Ending 10th October 2017. It was fantastic to have the Chief Executive of the Careers and Enterprise Company in Frederick Gough School to see the outstanding work...

My Diary Week Ending 3rd December 2017.
Last week saw the completion of my two local competitions. We had a fantastic celebration of the wonderful range of super small businesses and the people who work in them at my Small Business Saturday Awards.
Scunthorpe_Church_of_England_Christmas_Card_Winners_(Dec._2017).jpgIt's clear local people love their cake! CeCe's Cakes won Champion Small Business and Cakes by Andrea won Great Customer Service. The Best Market Stall winner was Tutti Fruitiers so that shows we like eatingSt._Augustine_Webster_Christmas_Card_Winners_(Dec.2017)..jpg great fruit and veg as well! It was also great to visit the fabulous Messingham Farm Shop & Cafe on Small Business Saturday - somewhere well worth a visit! I also began going round the schools that entered my Christmas card competition distributing prizes. This year was a snow filled winter wonderland as I popped into Scunthorpe Church of England (pictured top left) and St Augustine Webster School (pictured right) to meet so many wonderful children.
Sadly not everyone locally will be well catered for at Christmas so it was good to see how generous local people were in giving to the Scunthorpe Food Bank collection at Tesco's. I popped along to help for a bit and to thank the brilliant volunteers.
Thanks and Congratulations were also due to the Westcliff young lifestylers group (see picture below) who Westcliff_Younf_Lifestylers_(December_2017).jpgwon the Youth Division Category for Lifestyle2017 (pictured bottom left) organised by Humberside Police.
And while we are on congratulations it was great to join so many ex-colleagues and friends to celebrate 50 years of John Leggott College - one of our local jewels in the crown.
I was also delighted with the success of the campaign I have supported since I was first elected in 2010 to retain Children's Heart Surgery in Leeds. A good outcome for all of us!
Defence Questions gave me the opportunity to praise our local air cadets 119 (Scunthorpe) Squadron who have reached the national finals for the RAF Youth Engineering Competition.
It was good to catch up with a couple of constituents visiting parliament. Kay had come to take part in an excellent awareness raising event for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. And Geoffrey had finally caught up with me to brief me about the fabulous work his co-operative does in providing costumes to the stars - from Russian ballet to the West End to TV dramas like casualty.
Another visitor to Westminster I met up with was Jack Kerr (pictured right) - a campaigner like our own Lorna Fillingham for more Changing PlacesChanging_Places_(Motorway_Toilets)_with_Zack_Kerr_(Dec._2017).jpg toilets. A very important campaign that needs to be successful as it will transform people's lives for the better.
And a week in Westminster wouldn't be complete without my standing up for steelworkers and steel pensioners! I called on the Government to put steel at the heart of their Industrial Strategy and get on with a sector deal for steel. After my lobbying, the Pensions Minister was able to confirm that the deadline has been put back by the BSPS Trustees till the 22nd December for the high-low pensioners by which time the Government's technical consultation will be complete and they should be able to confirm that they are getting rid of the anomaly in the PPF that would benefit high-lows before the end of the current BSPS scheme. This should mean that people have the information they need to make the very important decision they need to make about their future pension.

My Diary Week Ending 3rd December 2017

My Diary Week Ending 3rd December 2017. Last week saw the completion of my two local competitions. We had a fantastic celebration of the wonderful range of super small businesses...

My Diary Week Ending 26th November 2017

The Chancellor began with a quick confession at the start of his hour plus Budget Speech. He admitted that productivity is down, growth is down and living standards are down - all under his Conservative Government. He then waffled a lot, failed to say he was doing anything to tackle the crisis in social care and spectacularly failed to deliver the Brexiteers promise of £350 million a week for the NHS.

I'd met with the Sixth Form Colleges Association earlier in the week - whose members, like John Leggott College International, are reeling from the collapse in funding for 16-19 year old education. The Chancellor did nothing to address the shortfall of £1200 in funding every 16-19 year old compared to funding every 11-16 year old. Such a huge gap is unsustainable.

I asked the Prime Minister to promise to ensure that the steel industry is not damaged by the changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme - something threatened by the way the UK is bungling its exit negotiations with the EU. I got no reassurance in her vacuous reply so I have followed up with a letter explaining the issue in more detail. If the Government is serious about Industrial Strategy these are the things they need to deal easily with! I met with the Pensions Minister about the changes to the British Steel Pension Scheme - in particular the need for clarity around the position of high-low pensioners. I have asked the Trustees to put back the date that people need to choose until the Government's rapid technical consultation on proposed changes has been decided on, which should be very soon. It is crucial that people have all the information they need to be able to make the decision in their best interests. At the All Party Steel Group we were briefed on progress towards a steel sector deal - but again the Government appears to be well off the pace!

There were some great visitors from our area to Parliament this week. It was good to catch up with Lincs FM's Sean Dunderdale at a lobby for commercial radio. As well as being a brilliant ambassador for commercial radio Sean has worked for ever for ourPalestine_22.11.2017..jpg amazing Scunthorpe Hospital Radio.

Hull University's new Vice Chancellor, Professor Susan Lea, met up with local MPs and was really positive about the sort of leadership role the University hopes to provide in the future across the sub-region. Finally it was great to join Le-An and Keri (pictured right) standing up for Palestinian human rights on a lobby for Palestine . 

Air_Cadets___Nic..jpgBack in Scunthorpe I was really impressed with the young people and volunteers I met on my visit to 119 Scunthorpe Sqn ATC (pictured left). What a fantastic bunch of people!

Likewise the team at Barclays Bank Scunthorpe were really impressive and took me through all the work they are doing to support local people and businesses on getting the banking and financial services they need.

It was good to see Scunthorpe Market busy as it celebrates 45 years of its rich and varied Food Hall.  North Lincolnshire Council have confirmed they will be considering the 20,000 name petition at their Council Meeting on 14th December.  Let's hope they are listening to local people for once!

Which reminds me there is still time to vote for your favourite fabulous small businesses in my Small Business SaturdayPancreatic_Cancer_November_2017.jpg Competition. Just go to my website and do your voting!

Lincs_Air_Ambulance.jpgFinally it was good to see local Pancreatic Cancer Action campaigners (pictured right) out and about in Brigg rattling their cans and raising awareness. Something Cadney and Howsham's Debbie Clark was also doing for the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance (pictured left). So many fabulous people locally!

My Diary Week Ending 26th November 2017

My Diary Week Ending 26th November 2017 The Chancellor began with a quick confession at the start of his hour plus Budget Speech. He admitted that productivity is down, growth...

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